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Costume Distribution and Recital Fees

Costumes for our annual recital are handed out during Parent’s Meeting week each year. This allows time for fitting, alterations and any issues to be resolved before the recital. For this reason, we require that all tuition for both April and May be paid before April 20th. Parents are required to attend one of the recital meetings, which are held during the dancer’s normal class time (usually during the first week of May each year). If you are unable to attend during one of the regular class times, a make up meeting will be held at the end of Parent’s Meeting week. Costumes will only be given to the parents if they are present for one of the meetings. No costumes will be given to dancers.

Tickets to the Recital are available for $5.00 per person at Dance World prior to the recital, or they may be purchased for $8.00 per person at the door of The Township Auditorium on recital day.