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Congratulations to the J.T.ettes of Dance World!!!
2015 Production Super Grand National Champions 
at Dance Machine Productions National Dance Competition

Auditions for the 2019-2020 J.T.ette Dance Company will be held 
May 18th, 2019 at Dance World.

For More Information, contact us at 803-798-6062 and Join The Fun!!! 

Auditions for boys and girls ages 6 and up consist of both jazz and tap combinations. (Previous study in jazz and tap is not required.)

You don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to be a J.T.ette!! The J.T.ettes are Dance World’s Touring, Performing and Competing Dance Company. The J.T.ettes stands for the Jazz Tapettes (a take off from the name Rockettes). They are a very close-knit dance team and they enjoy sharing their love for dance to audiences locally, regionally and nationally. The J.T.ettes have thrilled audiences in such exciting places as Columbia, Spartanburg, Charlotte, Gatlinburg, Charleston, Greenville, Myrtle Beach, Atlanta, Hickory, New York City & Disney World. Dance World is also home to the Dyna-mites, our Jr. J.T.ette Company. They are very talented groups of dancers who enjoy performing and competing. Though their time and financial commitment is not as demanding, their love of dance is just as strong!!

If you are interested in auditioning for the J.T.ettes or the Jr. J.T.ettes and you would like more information, please call Dance World at 803-798-6062. The auditions are open to the public, so come join the fun and bring a friend!!

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